August LHR

This took longer than I expected. All these numbers! We have a new group, Yardies. Hope they last. Only 2 deaths this month, poor Penetrant Whiskers and Van Helsing male 039. Some last seens, but I think they may still be wandering around somewhere. Once again, if there are any mistakes let me know. There was one typo in the report and I couldn’t figure it out. 

Aztecs have 24 members with an unknown number of pups. Monkulus W and Moliere AZ are dominant. Monkulus gave birth, Kathleen is pregnant. Kathleen and VAZF027  have returned to the group from Pandora. Kathleen was evicted once, and appeared back once. Also appearing back were Che Che and Ellie Jade. The group encountered Pandora once. Visitors: Toblerone and Mollie AZ, Pilko, Bean and VKUF034 all once each. Van Helsing males Krueger, Cecil and Manson 4 times each. Pepper stopped by 6 times and Jizzle 7 times. Rovers: 1 time: VAZM031 (and another with a mistake in the ID code which I can’t figure out). Twice each: VAZM025 and 026. Three times each: Cameron, VAZM023 and 024. Four times each: Chaka, Tabie and VAZM022.  Five times each: Dali and Che Che. Six times: Moliere. Seven times: Ellie-Jade. All present @ the end of the month.

Baobab have 25 members with 0 pups.  Cruise W (thanks MeerkatFan!) and Al Capone BB are dominant. Cruise and Spatula are pregnant. Herpasaurus and Spatula were evicted once each and absent at the end of the month along with VBBM059. The group encountered Zulus once. VSQM026 stopped by once, as did a Misfits male. Rovers: Mumbulu, Crusty, Buck, VBBM050 and 070 once each. Kiboko six times.

Drie Doring have 13 members. Mist D and Captain Planet are dominant with 0 pups. Mist and VDF144 are pregnant. Fezzik has left the group for Frisky. A wild male stopped by once. VDM151 was roving once and Captain Planet and VDM145 were roving twice.  No group encounters or evictions, all present at the end of the month. 

Ewoks have 8 members. McDreamy KU and Tigi RR are dominant with no pups. McDreamy is pregnant. VEKM001 was roving 3 times and VEKM002 twice. Visitors included a Godzilla male four times, Oily Doyley KU, Rozza W, Gump W and Pitio W once each. No group encounters or evictions, all present.

Frisky have 14 members. Quaver F and Falco D are dominant with no pups. Quaver is pregnant. Fezzik D has joined the group. Last seen are: Gazebo D, Phoenix F, Willis F, Talbot F, VFM167. Hope they’re out there somewhere! Rovers were Fezzik D once and VFM173 twice. A Godzilla male stopped by 4 times, while the group encountered Godzilla twice. No evictions, no absences.

Godzilla have 17 members, unknown dominants. No pups. Unknown pregnancies.  VGZF001, 002, 003, 004 and 005 have left the group and went to the new group, the Yardies. Rovers: 4 at Ewoks and 4 at Frisky. Unknown evictions. VDM143 and 173 stopped by once each and the group encountered Frisky twice. Unknown of any absent at the end of the month. 

Jaxx have 24 members. Diana L and Kori JX are dominant. 5 pups! Arcee is pregnant, Diana gave birth. Lena was evicted once. Rovers: VJXM027 twice, VJXM029 three times, Kori and Lebowski four times and Kairos five times. All rovers except VJXM029 were absent at the end of the month. Visitor included a wild male once, one of the new Yardies four times, Wollow W once, Franz L twice, Rufio L and Brea L three times each, and Eigg L seven times. The group encountered a wild group once.

Kung Fu have 34 members. Kleintjie GG and Ningaloo W are dominant. Unknown number of pups. Kleintjie gave birth, Littl’un was pregnant but aborted. Rovers: Dexter (?), Denmark, Hiphopopotamus and Biffy Clyro once each. Oily Doyley and Goose 3 times each. No group encounters. Appearing back at the group were previously evicted females Spektor five times, Rhymenoceros 6 times and Littl’un seven times. Mungallchops SQM stopped by twice. Whiskers females Rosco, Bertle, Blonzig, Penetrant and Naggapatzi also showed up once each. All present at end of month.

Lazuli have 33 members. Young L and Rufus W are dominant. Unknown number of pups. Young gave birth, but the litter was lost. Bernie gave birth. Mayer is pregnant. Griene Tsiis was evicted once. No visitors, no group encounters. Rovers: Eigg, Snowy, and Wollow W, once each. Absent at the end of the month were Wollow W, Eigg, Franz, Rufio and Brea.

Misfits have 24 members. Unknown dominant female VMF001 dominant male. Unknown number of pups, the dominant female has given birth. One male roved at Baobab. No more info given.

Nequoia have 14 members. VNEF007 and VNEM016 are dominant. No pups. VNEF006 was pregnant but aborted, VNEF007 has aborted as well. VNEF006, 023 and 024 were evicted once each. VNEF025 was evicted twice. VNEF006 appeared back 9 times and was absent at the end of the month. Rovers were VNEM028, 029 and 030 once each, with 029 appearing back to the group once. VNEM022 was roving 3 times. No group encounters. Visitors: Aztecs males Dali, Ellie-Jade, Tabie, Cameron, 022, 023, 024 and 025 once each. Che Che twice. 

Pandora have 8 members. Snowflake AZ and an unknown are dominant. No pups. Snowflake is pregnant. Kathleen AZ and VAZF027 went back to Aztecs. Rovers: Cecil VH, Pepper VH, Krueger VH, Manson VH and Jizzle VH three times each. No evictions, no visitors. The group encountered Aztecs once.  All present at end of month. 

Rascals have 16 members. Sancerre RR and Grus RR are dominant. No pups. Sancerre, VRRF134 and 135 are pregnant. Crux was roving twice. Ara and VRRF134 were evicted once each, with Ara appearing back to the group twice. Both were absent at the end of the month. 

Sequoia have 24 members. Benzedrine CD and Bruce CB are dominant. 4 pups! Benzedrine gave birth. Nik Nak is pregnant. Rovers: VSQM027 once, 026 twice, Leaf four times, Lord Stanley and 023 five times, Candy Flip and 022 six times, Mungallchops 8 times and Yabou ten times! The group encountered Whiskers 4 times. Visitors were: Thundercat L, Rozza W, Mimaji W, Princess Madcat W, Rosie W, VWM155, Stumpy KU once each. Snickers JX and Gump W twice and Pitio W four times. Absent at the end of the month were Mungallchops, Lord Stanley and VSQM022.

Toyota have 11 members. Hoodwink TY and an unknown are dominant. No pups. Hoodwink has given birth, but lost the litter. VTYF035 is pregnant. Superman, Paymister, Rafola, 028, 032 and 034 have left the group and joined the new group, Yardies. Rovers were VTYM033, Snickers JX and Ole JX once each. Visitors were Whiskers females Rosco, Bertle, Blonzig, Penetrant and Naggapatzi once each. Wollow W also stopped by. VTYM033 was absent at the end of the month. 

Van Helsing have 26 members. Billy W and Titan VH are dominant with unknown number of pups. Billy gave birth. VVHM039 was assumed predated. Mr. Jacky was roving once. Adhuil was evicted twice and appeared back 3 times and VVHF029 was evicted once. Visitors were: Chaka AZ once. Kung Fu females Bean, Pilko, Slyder and VKUF034 once. Absent at the end of the month were: Adhuil, Pups, Harrison, VVHF029, 035, 047,  M037, 040, 042, 044, 045.

Whiskers have 29 members. Enili W and Thundercat L are dominant. Enili gave birth and the number of pups is unknown. Ella was pregnant, but aborted. Oriole and Naggapatzi are pregnant. Penetrant has died. : (  Rovers: VWM150 and 151 once each. Thundercat L, Princess Madcat, Rosie and 155 twice each. Marxxs four times. Rozza and Mimaji six times. Gump and Pitio 9 times.  Ella and Naggapatzi were evicted once each. Ella appeared back 5 times and Naggapatzi four times. Also appearing back were Oriole (6x), Rosco (9x), Bertle (10x), Blonzig (7x) and  Penetrant (3x). Visitors were Sequoia males Mungallchops (1x), Candy Flip, Lord Stanley and VSQM023 (2x), Yabou, Leaf and 022 (3x). The group encountered Sequoia 4 times. Absent at the end of the month were Ella, Oriole, Rosco, Bertle and Blonzig. 

 Zulus have 23 members with VZUF001 and Shaka Zulu L as dominant. No pups. ZVUF001 is pregnant. The group encountered Baobab once. No other info given. 

NEW: Yardies! They have 12 members. This group is made up of 5 Godzilla females (VGZF001-005) and 6 Toyota males (Superman, Paymister, Rafola, VTYM028, 032 and 034)  and an unknown kat (VYDM001). There are no clear dominants yet, as the group is still being watched. Three females are pregnant. Rovers were Superman, Paymister, 028 and VYDM001, already. VEKM002 stopped by once. Superman TY and VYDM001 were absent at the end of the month. We’ll see how long this group lasts! Hope everyone can stick together despite the roving. 



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I like meerkats, cats, tropical fish. Favorite shows are Meerkat Manor, House, SVU, Enjoying Everyday Life. I'm a gamer and play on, Facebook and Neopets.
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6 Responses to August LHR

  1. MeerkatFan says:

    Baobab, Cruise is the dominant male not Hawkeye, she died last year sadly. :( I am happy McDreamy is going to have pups, her second surviving litter should be reaching a year old soon, The Ewoks have been in exisitance for a year now. I am happy their is a new group formed by the Toyota males, I just love Paymister and the other males. I am sad that the Frisky males were last seen but maybe they joineds a wild group and will be seen. I hope they are okay. The Pandora are going to have pups so maybe the one of the males Cecil or Pepper will take dominances and stay.

  2. kathyh3 says:

    Thanks! All edited. I don’t like working off the new list because I haven’t highlighted out the kats that are no longer around, only the ones I can’t use their names. I’m excited for the new groups, but I hate when they split up. Look how many lost groups there are that only lasted a year or two. I’m excited for Pandora, as they seem to be a good choice of groups that will stick around. But with all of the roving, it’s hard to tell. Why would the males rove when there are non natal females right there? They really need to get their numbers up, like Misfits and Zulu. But then again, if some wild kats join the group the habituation could be compromised. I’m glad Mist is pregnant. I hope their numbers go up. I hope the Frisky bounce back as well. I really have a soft spot for those older groups.

  3. MeerkatFan says:

    Well the Aztecs females and Van Helsing males are cousins, so maybe they can tell, but then again the Whiskers were form by cousins meerkats. I think Snowflake and whoever takes male dominance is unrelated enough because their fathers were probably different males while their mothers were sisters. Maybe far the first litter is born the males will stay because there will be a reason. One of them most likely Pepper or Cecil will take dominance. The new Yardies probably won’t have much problems as long as they don’t get disease. Superman was absent which may mean Paymister may become the dominant male. He is the only one who has been a dominant meerkat so he has experience. I am sure the old mobs will be okay, look at all the roving going on. I am really sad that the Frisky males were Last Seen, maybe they will join up with some evicted females. I hope McDreamy’s new litter surviveds as well. I am sure next months’ LH will be interesting.

    • kathyh3 says:

      Fixed the last of the typos. I wonder where the Yardies are in relation to the other groups on the map? There seems to be a lot of groups straddling the roads. I think Paymister is more likely to become dominant–I just feel it. He seems stronger than Superman, having the experience. My membership in FKMP is coming due in November and I’m debating on which groups to choose this time. This year I had Drie, Lazuli and Frisky. I may get Elveera/Phantoms, don’t know who else.

  4. MeerkatFan says:

    Oh I notice another mistake with the Aztecs, VAZF027 rejoined the Aztecs along with Kathleen not Mollie, whose ID Code is VAZF020. And in the Kung Fu, Martini was Last Seen in March so maybe they ment her litter-mate brother Dexter(VKUM021).

  5. MeerkatFan says:

    I say get one lost mob and two currently existing mobs like the Baobab and Rascals so you can have some interesting info coming it. However the Frisky may be good to get again since they got new males. Or maybe the Aztecs? The Elveera sound great. If I could get a membership then I probably would have picked them too. I would have also choosen the Lazuli and Baobab, I like those two mobs but the Rascals seem like they are being neglected since they were not seen in Meerkat Manor and have no Whisker blood in them. As one of the oldest mobs they must have an interesting history.

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