Meerkats on Nat Geo Wild this Sunday!

In case you missed it, Sunday at 8pm EDT NGW will be showing Clan of the Meerkats here in the US.  

“In the harsh and unforgiving Namib Desert, there are hunters, big and small. A brave clan of Meerkats struggle here, working together to cope in a hostile world. Facing jackals, snakes and birds of prey, as well as the harsh desert climate, life in this tightly-knit clan is full of drama.”

Unfortunately, I’ve never seen this and won’t because my cable company is trying to get me to pay extra for it. I’ve called and complained as to the fact that Nat Geo is part of my package, why isn’t Wild? They’re the same freakin’ company for crying out loud. No, you have to buy the entertainment tier. I don’t believe there’s a DVD yet. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Another thing to watch out for if you live in the UK: 

You’re so lucky!   













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I like meerkats, cats, tropical fish. Favorite shows are Meerkat Manor, House, SVU, Enjoying Everyday Life. I'm a gamer and play on, Facebook and Neopets.
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One Response to Meerkats on Nat Geo Wild this Sunday!

  1. Karen says:

    You have to pay to view on both of the channels that this is being shown on, so we are not so lucky. Karen

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