Very sorry!

I’m very sorry I haven’t gotten the LHR done yet. I’m as far as Kung Fu. I just can’t get into it with all the numbers and no names. Maybe I should discontinue until a new name list is released–if that will ever happen. I’m still time consumed with my physical therapy, going back to work, and taking care of Rocky. He is very thin. Next Thursday we drop his steroids to once every other day. I honestly don’t think it will be long after that. It’s very hard to get him to eat. I have to feed him a spoon of food several times a day. He’s been waking me at 5am to eat, so of course I get up because I want him to eat no matter what. It’s so hard watching him deteriorate. But he still is walking around and lets me carry him around, so he doesn’t seem to be in any pain. He has this pitiful meow, but he’s always been that way. I don’t know how a cat could have such a meow! He sounds like a cat pirate. Argghh… 

My ankle has been bothering me a lot at work so I’ve been taking  Percocet. I’d like to stop, but can’t stand the pain. I don’t take them on weekends. I’d really prefer Vicodin. But I guess the doc would look at you funny if you ask for a drug that they weren’t going to give you.  The one day I was in so much pain I took 2 percocets, 2 Klonopins and an Ambien. Okay, I didn’t know that could kill me. I was knocked out. Lesson learned, but it sure was fun. Moving in stereo. Anyway, I need to go ice the ankle–my favorite time of the day.

Hope to finish the report tomorrow, but honestly with all the numbers it’s just a pain. Most importantly (to me) is that Ella is still around, Oriole was at Cave Men, Kleintjie gave birth.  

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I like meerkats, cats, tropical fish. Favorite shows are Meerkat Manor, House, SVU, Enjoying Everyday Life. I'm a gamer and play on, Facebook and Neopets.
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One Response to Very sorry!

  1. MeerkatFan says:

    Mimaji also died in the Whiskers along with two other males. :(

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